Terms and Conditions

1. Delivery and Jurisdiction Area

Place of delivery and exclusive area of jurisdiction is Berlin.

2. Booking and Contract Conclusion

The booking contract can be done as a verbal agreement, in writing or by email. The booking is binding once the ordered services are confirmed by Berlin on the Go!® through Nicole G. Bryan, referred below as the organizer, in writing or confirmed by email.

3. Cancellation by the Client

The client may cancel at any time. Significant is that Berlin on the Go!® has received the notice of cancellation. The cancellation must be in writing or by email. If the client withdraws from the contract or fails to appear at the agreed appointment without prior cancellation of the contract, the organizer may demand adequate compensation. If the cancellation of the scheduled appointment is made 15 or more days before the scheduled appointment, there will be no penalty. In the event a cancellation is made less than 15 days before the planned tour, the following penalty assessments will apply:

  • 7 to 14 days before the agreed date, 30% of the total price.
  • 1 to 7 days before the agreed date, 50% of the total price.
  • 24 hours or less before the agreed date, 100% of the total price.

By cancellation of services which are mediated through Berlin on the Go! ®, the conditions of any third-party provider apply.

4. Cancellation By Berlin on the Go! ®

The organizer may cancel the affected part of contract, under the following circumstances:

  • Force majeure such as the influence of weather, acts of nature beyond control, congestion, blocked roads, street festivals, etc.
  • Because of sudden sickness of the guide (in such case the organizer will make every effort to find a replacement guide).
  • When the client or a member of the client group disrupts a tour after being advised of the disruption, but then continues the disruption, or is not otherwise able to abide by the contract, the organizer will be justified to immediately cancel the contract.

5. Payment Terms

Payment must be made in advance, or at the latest at the start of the tour in cash.

For several days services of the organizer for a client, 50% advance payment of the specified services must be made. This advance payment must be credited to the account of the organizer at least 7 days before the start date of the service. The remainder of the total price must be paid before the multi-day tours.

If the organizer must provide the input to a third party, an appropriate advance payment may be required.

6. Service Modification

The extent of the contractual services herein results from the confirmed booking. Any additional agreements will require written confirmation by the organizer.

Any changes from the terms of the contract which become necessary after conclusion of the contract and were not caused by the organizer, are only permitted if the modifications are not substantial and do not affect the overall character of the agreed program.

The organizer accepts no liability if part or the whole guided tour cannot be carried out due to force majeure, such as severe weather or disasters.

The organizer will do everything in her power to facilitate the progress of the tour as agreed.

Claims for damage are excluded, if a tour should be different from the one agreed upon due to external factors beyond the organizer’s control.

There is no entitlement to the complete tour if the client is late by more than 45 minutes without talking with the organizer by mobile phone and having her agreement.

When exceeding the agreed ending time as a result of delays caused by the client, the additional hourly fees of the organizer will apply according to the negotiated price. An excess of the agreed duration of the tour or the agreed end time is only possible after consultation at the time.

7. Liability

Berlin on the Go! ® is responsible as an organizer for the accurate preparation of the agreed services including the selection and monitoring of the service providers. Berlin on the Go!® assumes no liability for the services which are arranged externally from other providers. In addition, Berlin on the Go!® is not liable for any accidents or damage.

8. Warranty

If the service is not provided as in the contract, the participants can ask for an alternative solution. The organizer may suggest a solution which will provide an equivalent service. The organizer may refuse the remedy if it requires a disproportionate effort.

9. Duty to Cooperate

The clients are required in the case of service disruption to cooperate in accordance with legal provisions to avoid or minimize any possible damage. They are particularly obligated to immediately notify without hesitation Berlin on the Go!® of any complaints. The participants must respect the house rules of visited sites.

10. Invalidity of Individual Provisions

Should any part of the Terms and Conditions or agreement be deemed invalid, it does not nullify the entire contract and the remaining Terms and Conditions will remain in effect.

11. Information Protection/Privacy Policy

The client agrees that the data provided for the settlement of the agreed performance may be further used by Berlin on the Go!® for customer service. This information will not be disclosed to third parties under the German Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgestzes).